I am a gregarious guy that finds strength in strategically developing my whole person; Body, Mind, and Spirit. Having a deep conversation, or connecting with others to help them reach their potential, inspires my passion to grow!

I am the driven, yet easy going guy. I see the big picture and I like to find the best solution that results in the most profitable outcome. In that, I find it easy to adapt to new environments, and see failure as an opportunity to learn something new while propelling forward.

It is fun for me to walk through the chaos and turn it into something orderly. Which is probably why I enjoy video editing and graphic design. I enjoy the innovative process of conquering a new task with some restrictive guidelines.

Parkour | Freerun | Tumbling

Andrew Choflet upholds a value of positive and encouraging rhetoric, and loves to witness people developing their potential. Since his training started around 2007, he has had the privilege to coach students as young as 6, through adults in their mid-40s in reaching their goals!

Andrew has unique ability to connect with students and break down complex movements into simple, understandable steps. He can tailor a seminar, camp, or private lesson to meet your needs and skill level - from those with no prior athletic experience, to the most advanced.

More then just a coach of words, Andrew is a Freerunner himself, and will often learn a new movement so that he can more effectively teach his students. Having been featured in several Music Videos, Commercials, Live Performances, Magazines and Newspapers, Andrew loves to work with media professionals to produce a product the production team and viewing audience will both be proad to share.

Before going to Oral Roberts University (ORU) to study both Multimedia and Business, he was developing the central Jersey parkour community. In Fall 2010, during his first semester at the Oklahoman university, he founded an officially sanctioned parkour club (ORU FREE). In 2011 he achieved WFPF Affiliation status, and brought the club into a WFPF School. 2012 involved the NJ Parkour Ukemi: Art of Falling workshop and later that year traveled to DC for his American Parkour Teaching Certification. He remained president until his graduation three and a half years later in Fall 2013.

His skills have been requested and utilized across the nation at a variety of training facilities, and he has been involved with several national gatherings. He says that training alongside industry professionals, such as from ANW (American Ninja Warrior), WFPF (World Freerun Parkour Federation), APEX Movement, and APK (American Parkour) to name a few, has taught him a lot which he continues to pass on to others.